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Coat of Arms S. Vittoria

Santa Vittoria's coat of arms.


A small village - between mountain and sea

Torre dell Albate_1235
The landmark bell tower of Santa Vittoria in Matenano.

Between the lovely Sibillini Mountains and the long stretches of Blue Flag beaches along the Adriatic coastline, lies a small village on top of the Matenano Mountain. Six hundred meters above sea level, Santa Vittoria in Matenano offers fresh air and a nice view - all the way out to the coastline - only 45 minutes away.

Corso Matteotti, main street in medieval Santa Vittoria.

How many villages with less than 1500 inhabitants can boast: a restaurant, a trattoria, four bars, two small supermarkets, a bakery, a butcher, a fruit and vegetables shop, a flower shop, three female hair salons, a barber shop, a gift shop with newspapers and magazines, one dry cleaner, a post office, bank with a cash withdrawal machine, pharmacy - and three churches?

Santa Vittoria's crypt and the local theatre and the Collegiate church.

The Collegiate church sits almost on top of the hill overlooking the village and holds the crypt of Santa Vittoria's relics.

Via Roma, Trattoria Vittoria restaurant and Christmas lights.

Santa Vittoria in Matenano is far from the big noisy tourist traps, a quiet little place that slowly comes back to life in spring after a sleepy winter. Far enough from the coast to offer the rural peace and still close enough for a drive out to the many small family run restaurants that offers a wide selection of Italian style sea food dishes served with local white wine. Santa Vittoria is the perfect village for those who want to slow down and relax with their loved ones.