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Santa Vittoria; Piazza della Republica, bell tower and sunflower in August.

Casa Gina
is one of seven units in Palazzo Lamponi (Sec.XVIII), in the "high street" Corso Matteotti 32 in Santa Vittoria in Matenano. The ground floor of the building houses a beauty parlor and a clothing store. The first floor houses the owner of the clothing store, in the second floor Casa Gina and two big apartments used as offices. The top floor has two apartments whit families that have lived here for ages.

The Lamponi family, that built the palazzo, is said to have been sort liberal in their politics and according to a local – friends with the Italian Nationalist, guerilla leader and de facto country father Giuseppe Garibaldi. When the local theatre was built late in the 19th century, the Lamponi family paid for two of the balconies. The theaters in Italy were often sponsored by rich families.  

The apartment has three rooms, bath room and kitchen. A big bedroom with a king size bed, a combined living room and bed room and living room with a pull out sofa bed. Three room with possibilities for sleeping, comfortable facilities for two couples or a maximum six persons. We don’t have access to pool nor garden, but there is a nice courtyard with an old well, a small table and chairs where we can enjoy a glass of wine under candle lights. The village also has a few nice parks.
120 meters down the “high street” you find a very good restaurant, ristorante Farfense, and six hundred meters further down the road, outside the historic part, there is a nice and inexpensive trattoria.

1 447, census 1991.
1 486, census 2001. 520 families.
1 465, census 2010.
People in Santa Vittoria are called: Santavittoriesi.

«Per vivere calmo e sano ritorna al Matenano»
In English: To live quietly and health, return to Matenano.

Distance table:

Place Time Distance
Porsgrunn, Norway 25h 14min 2142 km/1992 on highway.
Bologna, Aeroporto G. Marconi 3h 25min 307km / 256
Roma, Aeroporto Ciampino 2h 57min 277km / 232
Pescara, Abruzzo 1h 47min 140km / 101
Ancona, Le Marche 1h 29min 93km / 45
Nerby in Le Marche
Amandola (mountain) 31min 22km
Ascoli Piceno (precious) 59min 47km
Camerino 1h 31min 74km / 10
Cingoli 2h 138km / 70
Comunanza (close) 22min 16km
Fabriano (paper) 2h 11min 159km / 93
Fermo (provins capital)  51min 37km
Jessi (Verrdicchio wines) 1h 44min 118km / 66
Montappone (hats) 33min 22km
Montefalcone Appennino 12min 8km
Monteleone di Fermo 14min 9,5km
Offida (broidery) 43min 31km
Porto San Benedetto del Tronto 1h 56km / 13
Porto Sant'Elpidio (coast) 1h 46km
Porto San Giorgio (coast) 54min 47km / 8
Macerata (opera) 1h 15min 66km / 14
Sarnano (mountain) 45min 35km
Servigliano (mountain) 14min 9,5km
Smerillo (close) 15min 10km
Treia 1h 34min 81km / 21
Urbino (renaissance gem) 2h 25min 182km / 125