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Frescoe room

The apartment has been lovingly restored with a painted frescoe ceiling in the main living room and a beautiful white gold Venetian Murano chandelier in the center of the frescoe. A vintage wrought iron bed with lace covers in the corner, a table and a sofa chair where you can relax. Amidst all this old world Italian furnishings you can also connect to a telephone and the modern world of the Internet, next to the 21st century design Kartell lamp and table.

Fire place room

Next door to the frescoe room is the fireplace room with wooden bookshelves full of books, a mixture of Norwegian and English books and Italian editions of the National Geographic Magazine. A cosy room to enjoy a warm fire while sipping some wine with Fellini’s La Dolce Vita movie poster gracing the wall, and music from a compact stereo. Or you may choose to watch a DVD or a movie. Here you can spend the evening on a pull out sofa bed for two.


The  bathroom has a toilet, the combined shower and bath is made of Italian marble in pink and beige colors and equipped with a towel dryer, blow dryer, towels, and delightful soaps and toiletries from The Body Shop.


The Kitchen is adorned with old wood beam ceiling, a dining table and chairs, a large five burner gas stove with electrical oven. A small dish washer, and in a small nook a refrigerator. Even though you can choose to eat out every evening at the Farfense restaurant or the local taverna, you can also prepare a home cooked meal in a well equipped kitchen. You will find: coffee and tea makers, pots and pans, plates, cutlery, a bread machine, wine glasses and a few more useful kitchen gear. Black and white portraits of Sofia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida will keep you company while you enjoy your meals at the wooden table.

Main bed room.

The main bedroom is very spacious with a custom made “Love”  iron bed  handcrafted by a local craftsman and artist; Laurence Love, white sheer cotton draping over the four poster bed and comfortable bed linens and with big lush pillows; here you can dream the night away.

You can wake up on a crisp morning, open the window and smell the fresh air from the rolling hills of Le Marche. Hear the church bells and the locals on their way to church on Sunday mornings. And every second Sunday of the month you can wake up to the sounds of the market.

Fireplace room.

In the courtyard on the first floor is a well, a small table and chairs where you can sit outdoors during the day or enjoy a glass of wine by candlelight in the evening. We hope you will enjoy and feel at home at Casa Gina and experience the sweet life in Le Marche Italy!
On the first floor of the building is a modern new Spa and nail salon, reasonable rates for massage.
Please feel free to contact us for more information. You will find in the bookshelf, Casa Gina's travel book full of brochures, maps, restaurant tips and printed pages of Le Marche travel guide.